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March 12 2018


Brick and Mortar Retailers Rediscover the Importance of Keeping Customers Satisfied

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Locally oriented retailers today always have to work especially hard to cultivate and retain customers. In the face of so much competition from stores that operate solely online, maintaining a thriving brick-and-mortar retail presence has never been more challenging.

Fortunately, there are equally modern tools that stores can use to be sure of doing everything possible to keep their customers happy. The new and more accurate ways of measuring customer experience detailed at https://www.lanla.com/, for example, can enable important types of progress.

Disappointing Customers is Never an Option

Today's customers are less loyal than in the past, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Modern consumers have learned that just about any store which fails to serve them well can be replaced easily by another.

As a result, staying on top of the quality of the average customer experience has never been more important. Some of the kinds of issues that can easily harm a retailer include:

Poor selection. Online storefronts like Amazon boast millions of products, each ready to ship at a competitive price. While a local retailer might boast certain advantages compared to online competitors, it will rarely be able to match that level of selection. Even so, maintaining an inventory that will still be extensive and attractive enough to draw local shoppers must always be a priority.

Unsuccessful customer service. One of the features that keeps shoppers coming back to local stores is the availability of personalized customer service. Being able to speak to an actual human being in person often makes it much easier to resolve any problems that might have cropped up. Likewise do many shoppers still value the ability to consult with informed, local salespeople in the flesh when they have questions about products. Making sure that customer service always remains at a high level will help bolster the overall quality of experience for shoppers.

Effective Ways of Understanding What Customers are Experiencing and How to Improve

As a visit to Lanla.com today will show, there are now tools that any retailer can use to make sure that issues like these are not bothering customers. Whereas it used to be overly difficult, in many cases, to solicit and analyze reliable feedback, that is no longer the case at all.

Retailers who are committed to doing everything possible to keep their customers satisfied will always do well to explore such options. That can easily prove to be one of the best available ways to remain competitive even far into the future.

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